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Once More From The Top is the debut album by The Granite Shore. We'll gradually be fleshing out this part of the site devoted to this ambitious project.

The record erects a monument to the Life of the Rock Group down our age. It is entirely fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely... possible - though always filtered through the prism of fiction.

The record was written, recorded and sequenced for the vinyl format, though it does of course work perfectly in CD and other digital formats, and its two sides are subtitled "In Public" and "Behind The Scenes" respectively. Side one deals largely with the relationship between the Band and its Audience, whereas on side two we're looking more at intra-band relations, as well as those on the periphery.

Latest: Occultation Recordings are now taking preorders for Once More From The Top.

Please visit the album's page on the Occultation site for more details.

There's now extensive information about the album on Genius, click here.

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Coming soon: additional scenes, illustrations, annotations, and a great deal more...