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Above are the front covers of the LP (left) and CD (right) versions of Once More From The Top, the debut album by The Granite Shore. Click here to see the full artwork for both versions. As you'll notice, they offer quite different slants on the record, although both are vertical gatefolds with full-colour printed inner sleeves. The LP sleeve is matt-laminated with a spot-gloss varnish and full lyrics printed on the inner sleeve. The CD version is also a vertical gatefold with an inner sleeve. There's also a very limited edition boxed version available only from the Occultation website though this has now almost sold-out.

Track listing:

In Public (20:46): A1 Artiste & Repertoire (5:00) A2 Nine Days' Wonder (2:48) A3 The Management (4:16) A4 Fan Club Newsletter no. 44 (2:25) A5 Backstage at the Ballroom (6:16)

Behind The Scenes (24:32): B1 Recorded Sound (5:40) B2 Keeping Time (4:16) B3 Widows and Orphans (2:55) B4 Now, therefore, ... (4:49) B5 Be that as it may (6:49)

The album is now out and can be purchased through all good record shops or direct from Occultation. There's a video of Nine Days' Wonder below and more to follow soon...